Following a diligent research through the people and the historical documents, we have found out that the house was originally built and occupied by a Church Bell Ringer (Zangoç) who served at the Foça Church until the time of social exchange between the two states.  We have decided to keep the original Greek word “ “House of Th. Diakonou” which means “House of the Bell Ringer/Sacristan – Zangoç” as it is.

We have paid special attention to preserving its original features in renovating the old structure into its modern form in order to give you a warm and comfortable “Home” atmosphere where you will enjoy your memorable vacations.

Our biggest desire is to host the “Th. Diakonou” family members who are still alive today, in our property, thus, maybe enabling them to spiritually contact their great parents.  Who knows, we may, one day, realize this desire of ours.

Out in the garden we have arranged private spaces for you either for sun bathing or reading and relaxing in the shadows of old pine trees.

Our aim is to share with you the historical beauty and comfort of the old Zangoç House.

Hoping to say “Hoşgeldiniz” to you in Turkish which means “Welcome” to Zangoç House soon…



177. sok. No: 2, Eski Foça, Izmir, Turkey

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