We, Mrs.Şükran and Mr. Ömer, the owners of this property, are both engineers who were once classmates at the university who turned out to be a husband and wife in 1989.

A book named  “Büyük Ayrılık – The Great Separation” written by the author named Kemal Anadol, which we read in 2004 had a major effect in getting involved in this tourism decision of ours.  The book was about a romantic love affair merged with political events and happenings, which took place in Foça.  Thus we have plunged in to purchasing this old stone house from its owner who lived in the United States in July 2004.

We have finalized our project in 2013, which we have conceptualized in the meantime.  Our concept included sharing this beautiful property with our guests from all around the world, to which eventually we have dedicated ourselves.

We have given great emphasis on architectural details in reconstruction of the old house headed by the valuable expertise of Mr. Ercüment Kuyumcu who is a renowned restorator architect. An important detail is the delightful “Stained Glass” decorations at the top of the main entrance where the bathroom windows are.  Also on the main entrance we have placed a figure of a pigeon holding an olive tree branch in his mouth (to signify the peace) and a round glitter of holiness on its head in respect to the original owner of the house, the church bell ringer.  On the bathroom window is the stained glass impression of Ceramics Artist Koncagül Ağaoğlu’s famous “Foça Maiden” art piece where the blue sky, the sea gull and the fish forming an eternal cycle is illustrated elegantly.

We aimed to furnish our house with with contemporary and comfortable furniture, carrying the classical designs which will make your life easier and more comfortable with us. A small but convenient library is also available which consists of books to let our guests to learn about Foça history.

If you wish to feel as comfortable as being at home while you are away for a memorable and peaceful vacation, you are most welcome to come and visit us at the Foça Zangoç House.



177. sok. No: 2, Eski Foça, Izmir, Turkey

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