Foça is a historical and beautiful fisherman’s village situated around two crescent like bays named “Big Sea” and “Small Sea” and on the beautiful coasts are scattered bars, cafes and places for entertainment, colorful fishermen’s boats at the shore.  The village is decorated with narrow stone path ways leading to numerous old stone houses ready for curious visits. 

Very close to the shore you can see the islands of various sizes to which boat tours are arranged or you can rent a private boat for the same purpose.  Do not miss The Orak Island, The Siren Rocks, and The İncir (Figs) Island.

You can swim in the clear waters of Foça, wherever you are and enjoy sharing your morning tea with the local fisherman, if you wish.

Visiting Foça is an opportunity but living with Foça is a privilege.

We are looking forward in seeing you in Foça, to share this privilege with you.

And to say “Hoşgeldiniz – Welcome” to you for a memorable and a peaceful vacation.



177. sok. No: 2, Eski Foça, Izmir, Turkey

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